David Heilig

David Heilig

Marketing Advisor

Senior Advisor



Over the 30 years of David Heilig’s career, he has developed a unique expertise in agricultural product development and now specializes in product-related business development. Mr. Heilig is also highly skilled and adept in multiple advising and consultative roles on a global basis. He is a self-motivated executive with a wealth of experience in the food industry, animal feed business and veterinary health sciences. Mr. Heilig has worked with many businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, across multiple business segments, developing winning strategies and creating comprehensive, market specific programs that led to growing revenues, promoting positive brand recognition, and transforming start-up projects into income streams. Mr. Heilig used his Translational Science acumen to deliver project success as either an employee or independent consultant for a variety of companies that include Alphasights, Amden Corporation, BASF, Central Life Sciences, Coopers Chase Distilling, Dyadic International, Ralston Purina, and Syngenta.

David’s unique strengths include:

• Translating under-exploited market needs into new product opportunities
• Applying Translational Science expertise in biotech organizations
• Developing new portfolio portfolios in Food/Feed/Health fields
• Creating animal/product trial protocol, contacts, and oversight
• Developing regulatory risk assessments
• Competitive market profiling and analysis
• Recognizing animal nutrition/health opportunities that support organizational strategies
• Creating actionable business plans and attainable cash flow projections
• Technical due diligence for M&A transactions
• Identifying and vetting potential strategic partners or synergies in the value chain.
• Expert sales training


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