Peter Street

Peter Street, PhD

Product Development

Senior Advisor



Dr Street received his PhD from the University of London in biochemical plant pathology, gaining a BSc from Reading University in Agricultural Botany after attending Cornell University on a Barbinder Scholarship.

With post-doctoral fellowships at Guelph University, Bath University and the University of London where he published frequently on microbial pathogenesis, he joined Dow Chemical Company as a senior scientist leading the global fungicide discovery agrochemical division.

Since then he has gained has over 30 years experience directing Research & Development in the AgriFood, Feed and Chemical Sectors and delivering new profitable multimillion dollar products. His knowledge of how to rapidly turn research into revenue generating products as an R&D Director and Vice President for Dow, Danisco, Syngenta, Zymetrics, Diversa and Anitox has grown into his current roles as an owner, Senior Advisor and Consulting Partner for several companies specialising in novel product development.


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