November 4, 2016: Primordial Genetics and Bayer announce research collaboration to enhance crop performance

Primordial Genetics and Bayer CropScience LP announced today the establishment of a research collaboration to evaluate Primordial Genetics’ proprietary Function Generator™ technology. Bayer will provide multi-year funding for this project and will receive access to Primordial Genetics’ technology platform and expertise. Results of the collaboration have the potential to accelerate the development and enhance the biological performance of future Bayer crop protection solutions.

October 10, 2016: Primordial Genetics goes live on Fundable

Primordial Genetics joins Fundable, a crowd-sourcing platform and investment community that features small companies and allows them to connect with private investors.

October 5, 2016: Poster Presentation at Synbiobeta Conference by Sabrina German

Sabrina German of Primordial Genetics Inc. won an award for best poster at Synbiobeta, San Francisco, CA Oct 5. She presented a summary of Primordial Genetics’ successes in microbial strain improvement and protein engineering.

June 18, 2016: James E. Levine joins Primordial Genetics’ Board of Directors.

James “Jamie” Levine has joined Primordial Genetics’ Board of Directors, bringing deep executive experience in industrial biotechnology and finance to the company’s leadership. Mr. Levine is CEO and a member of the Board of Directors of Annai Systems, a private a leading genomic data analysis company, and CEO and a member of the Board of Directors of Sapphire Energy, a private company creating human nutraceutical products from outdoor algae cultivation. Previously Mr. Levine was CEO at Verenium Corporation, a NASDAQ-Listed company that developed enzyme products for diverse end-markets including animal feed. Verenium was acquired by the chemical company BASF in 2013. Prior to joining Verenium, Mr. Levine was a Managing Director in the investment banking department of Goldman Sachs & Co. where he served clients in the Healthcare and Energy industries. Mr. Levine received an MBA degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a BA from Brandeis University.

March 30, 2016: Primordial Genetics signs R&D Agreement for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Following the launch of an R&D project for improvement of an enzyme used for manufacturing high-value pharmaceuticals in November 2015, Primordial Genetics signed a Collaboration and Option Agreement with the San Diego-based pharmaceutical company (‘Company A’), covering the project. The costs of the project will be borne by Company A, and successful delivery of improved enzyme variants will result in milestone payments to Primordial Genetics that could total $1.7M over the lifetime of the project.

Company A will have the option for two additional projects under the same terms but with adjusted milestone payments, which could total $16.7M per project over the lifetime of the projects.

The screen for improved enzyme variants is well under way and the two companies expect to begin testing individual enzyme variants isolated in the screen in May 2016. The name of Company A and the details of the project will be announced at a future date.

January 11, 2016: Primordial Genetics launches FOMO-21 high-solubility E. coli. protein expression strain.

Primordial Genetics has launched FOMO-21, its first bacterial protein expression product enabling soluble expression of insoluble proteins in E. coli.

Bacterial hosts are the systems of choice for expression of many proteins, and generally allow rapid, flexible and inexpensive protein production. However, protein insolubility can be a major obstacle to the use of bacterial production organisms. Many target proteins precipitate into so-called ‘inclusion bodies’, requiring expensive denaturation and refolding steps, or necessitating the use of more expensive production hosts.

FOMO-21, engineered using the company’s Function Generator™ genetic platform technology, provides an advanced option for bacterial protein expression, and allows soluble or partially soluble expression of many insoluble target proteins, including human proinsulin. Primordial Genetics is in discussions with various potential partners for evaluation and licensing of FOMO-21 as a bacterial protein expression strain for pharmaceutical and industrial R&D and production uses. For more information about FOMO-21 please see our ‘Products’ page.