December 21, 2015 - Primordial Genetics moves into new facility at 3550 General Atomics Court.

To enable expansion of its staff and operations, and accommodate recent and anticipated R&D collaborations and industrial partnerships, Primordial Genetics has moved into a new, state-of-the art R&D facility in San Diego. The 1800 sq ft combined laboratory and office space is housed within the General Atomics campus located off North Torrey Pines road in the heart of San Diego’s biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industry.

The move represents a greater degree of independence, and a step beyond the shared incubator space that the company has occupied at JLABS since it began its operations in July 2013. JLABS was an excellent location to launch the company, and we feel indebted to the JLABS organization and its excellent staff for providing a superb environment for starting a biotechnology company.

Nonetheless, everything begins and ends at the right time and place, and the company is now looking forward to more autonomous operation, and flexibility to grow and expand, within its own four walls (32 walls, to be exact).

November 18, 2015 - Primordial Genetics launches enzyme improvement project for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

This week, Primordial Genetics signed a Letter of Intent with a San Diego-based pharmaceutical company (‘Company A’), for a project involving improvement of an enzyme used for manufacturing high-value pharmaceuticals. The costs of the project will be borne by Company A, and successful completion of the project will result in milestone payments to Primordial Genetics that could total $1.7M over the lifetime of the project.

Company A will have the option for two additional projects under the same terms but with adjusted milestone payments, which could total $16.7M per project over the lifetime of the projects. Company A has paid Primordial Genetics a technology access fee and work on the project has begun as of late November, 2015.

This project represents a tremendous opportunity for Primordial Genetics to demonstrate the power and versatility of its Function Generator genetic technology for protein engineering and development of improved enzyme variants.
The name of Company A and the details of the project will be announced at a future date.

July 23, 2015 - Primordial Genetics receives Notice of Allowance from USPTO covering Function Generator combinatorial genetics technology.

Primordial Genetics is pleased to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a Notice of Allowance for its patent application directed to libraries produced using the Function Generator™ technology.

Function Generator™is a whole-genome combinatorial genetic technology for enhanced traits and improved microbial strains that is superior to current genetic methods used for strain development and engineering of complex traits.

April 1, 2015 - Richard Schneeberger PhD, MBA joins Primordial Genetics as business consultant.

Richard Schneeberger, PhD, MBA has joined Primordial Genetics Inc as acting Director of Business Development. Richard Schneeberger, PhD, MBA has 18 years of experience in innovation and technology driven biotechnology companies. He has held senior operational roles in business development, product development and R&D including Director of Business Development at iDiverse where he secured key product development partnerships and licensing terms. As Director of Core R&D at NexSteppe Richard developed multiple feedstock evaluation partnerships with leading bio-based product companies and managed the development of economic models for product off-take in Brazilian sugarcane mills. Richard also has a strong product development background focused on plant and microbial systems and has over 20 US and foreign issued patents. He earned his Bachelors of Science in Recombinant Gene Technology from SUNY Fredonia, his Ph.D. in Biology from Case Western Reserve University and MBA from the Rady School of Management, University of California San Diego.

Jan 1, 2015 - Primordial Genetics closes new financing round and adds private equity investors.

Primordial Genetics today announced the first closing of its Series A-2 financing round, including a group of 5 private investors.
The company will use the capital it has raised to support additional R&D activities to develop superior microbial strains for production of high-value proteins including human therapeutic proteins and industrial enzymes.

Jan 1, 2015 - Alan Greener joins Primordial Genetics as Vice President, Research and Development.

Alan Greener, PhD, has joined Primordial Genetics Inc. as Vice President of R&D. Alan has extensive experience developing advanced microbial strains for protein production. His addition to the Primordial Genetics team represents a strategic shift in the company’s focus towards discovery and production of high-value proteins, including therapeutic proteins and industrial enzymes.
Alan received his Bachelors degrees in Biology and Mathematics from Brooklyn College and his Ph.D. in Genetics from the Pennsylvania State University Medical School in Hershey, PA. After a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of California, San Diego studying plasmid DNA replication, he entered the commercial biotechnology field. In the past 25 years, Alan has held high-level R&D positions at Stratagene and at Gene Therapy Systems. In both companies, he developed numerous E. coli strains with higher transformation efficiency, improved yield of recombinant protein and improved recombinant protein solubility. He also developed hosts for random and site-directed mutagenesis, a topoisomerase-mediated cloning host, and strains to reduce rearrangements within cloned DNA segments. All of these strains were developed and released as commercial products. In addition, he holds patents for inventing methods for error-free PCR cloning and infecting mammalian cells with a bacterial virus. Alan will be drawing on this expertise to develop superior bacterial host strains for protein production using the Function Generator™ platform technology.