Superior Enzymes

and Microbes

for Sustainable Products

Welcome to a revolutionary way to practice biotechnology for advancing bio-production and achieving rapid gains in biological performance.

At Primordial Genetics, we are evolving pure and natural biological technologies to make life on earth safer and more sustainable. Human population growth, increasing pressure on natural resources and accelerating climate change need to be counterbalanced by a dramatic expansion of bio-production. We are pushing the frontiers of constructive biology to enable biologically-based alternatives to traditional therapeutics, nutritional products, agriculture and fuels. Our product focus is to develop efficient production processes for DNA and RNA manufacturing.

Any Organism Any Trait

Our powerful platform, Function Generator™, can enhance or modify any property of an organism to achieve economic and sustainable biological production systems. It can also make dramatic improvements to enzymes to enhance any key performance indicator. Function Generator is designed to raise the performance and productivity of enzymes and microbes.

Reduce Costs

  • Lower R&D costs and commercial CAPEX and OPEX
  • Accelerate production runs = higher production capacity
  • Design flexibility due to use of inexpensive production hosts and more efficient enzymes

Save Time

  • Accelerated strain development and enzyme evolution
  • Quantum leaps in strain productivity and enzyme performance
  • Transferable traits encoded by single genes
  • Higher phenotypic gain per improvement cycle

Improve Efficacy

  • Enzymes with higher catalytic activity, altered substrate specificity or resistance to inhibitors
  • Increased product titers and yields
  • More robust growth/stress and product tolerances increase efficacy

Create Products

  • Industrial enzymes
  • Therapeutic proteins
  • Trait genes for enhanced microbial qualities
  • New IP and FTO