What is your role at Primordial Genetics, and how long have you been on the team?

I’ve been at PG for almost four months now, and I am currently leading a project that explores new ways to enhance RNA polymerase performance. I am also leading the development of in-house bioinformatic solutions for different PG projects.

What led you to join Primordial Genetics?

Synthetic biology is an exciting area of research with immense potential to advance human and environmental health. Working at PG allows me to be at the forefront of these new discoveries and advancements.

What is your favorite aspect of your research?

I enjoy working with the amazingly talented PG team. Many of us come from very different academic backgrounds and bring diverse skills and perspectives. Together, I feel like we can tackle any challenge.

What is one place in the world you would like to visit and why?

I would love to visit New Zealand. There are so many beautiful places there and some really cool endemic wildlife—have you heard of the Kea or Kākāpō parrots?

What made you want to become a scientist?

I was driven by a desire to better understand the complexity of life and the natural world. Biology is amazing, involving a multitude of complex interactions that are taking place on so many scales. The closer we investigate, the more we learn. It’s thrilling to make new discoveries and contribute to the expanse of our knowledge.

To read Chris’ full bio, visit https://primordialgenetics.com/about/#team