We recently sat down Primordial Genetics investor Eric Anschutz, an experienced angel investor with a biotech focus who has brought proven, exit-driven results over the course of more than 15 years.

How long have you been [an investor] with Primordial Genetics?

My initial investment in Primordial Genetics was made in early 2021, after first getting to know Dr. Helge Zieler and his company at SynBioBeta 2020, a synthetic biology conference that does a great job bringing everyone together. As my understanding of Primordial Genetics has grown in the subsequent months and years, so has my belief in their standout nature. That’s why I’ve continued to support them as an investor since first getting to know the company.

What initially drew you to Primordial Genetics’ mission?

Primordial Genetics’ engineering and process excellence stood out right away, and continue to stand out today. Their sensible approaches to solving some of the most vexing problems facing biology today are especially refreshing. The company’s efficient and elegant approach to Enzymatic Oligonucleotide Synthesis exemplifies this sensibility, which does not need protecting groups or de-blocking steps. I think these and related qualities will continue to serve Primordial Genetics well for a long time to come.

What excites you most about what Primordial is doing?

Primordial Genetics is helping save and extend people’s lives, most immediately by manufacturing high-quality, long RNA polymerases for use in forthcoming therapies and vaccines now in late-stage human trials. These key ingredients are making tomorrow’s mRNA-based medicines safer, more effective and easier to transport, use and store. That really excites me – a lot.

Longer term, it’s HOW Primordial Genetics does what they do that really excites me. Great people come up with great ideas, and they have great people there who are coming up with great ideas.

How did you get interested in the science of RNA and DNA?

The science of life has fascinated me ever since I was in grade school. Becoming familiar with the functional roles RNA and DNA play – and now what we can do with them using synthetic biology – has opened my eyes to a world with nearly unlimited possibilities and made my early interests here that much stronger. With the science of life now becoming the code of life, RNA and DNA are increasingly central to everything we do, from drug development to data storage.

What do you think is the company’s greatest strength?

Primordial Genetics’ greatest strength is its people, as it is with many other leading companies. This strength originates with the company’s Founder and President, Dr. Helge Zieler, who is a brilliant scientist and excellent executive. It extends to the company’s talented management team, including VP of Product Development, Dr. Karen Xu (“sheww”), and Director of Synthetic Biology, Dr. Dan Olson. People tend to drive a company’s success in my experience and this holds true at Primordial Genetics.

What are your hopes for the future of Primordial Genetics?

My hopes for the future of Primordial Genetics center on saving and improving the lives of people everywhere, and making Earth a better place to live while doing so. As the company continues to endeavor in this direction, I believe it will find fulfillment and prosperity for many, many years to come.

What would you say to someone who is considering investing?

Primordial Genetics represents a great investment opportunity in my view. They have an immensely talented team that is growing quickly to address customer demand, they operate in the rapidly ascendant markets of mRNA manufacturing and oligonucleotide synthesis, they have well-defined and well-protected advantages over their competition, and they enjoy measurable, upwardly-trending traction in the marketplace. Come learn more about the company and its investment opportunities — It would be great having you a part of things. too!

What is your impression of the Primordial Genetics team?

Primordial Genetics has a strong team that is getting stronger by the hire. In today’s challenging hiring environment, securing the human capital you need to stay ahead of the competition is more important than ever. Dr. Zieler and the team have done a great job finding top talent to address their company’s customer and research needs and providing that talent with everything they need to remain fulfilled and happy. This has allowed the team at Primordial Genetics to continue growing and responding to market opportunities with the right expertise at the right time. I really like that about their team and how they work with people.

For more information on Eric, visit Eric’s investor profile.