Prima RNApols​​™

Superior RNA Polymerases for mRNA Therapeutics & Vaccines

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Primordial Genetics’ novel RNA polymerases, Prima RNApols™, enable manufacturing of high-quality mRNAs with higher yields and low double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) levels for next generation medicines.

Primordial Genetics’ proprietary RNA polymerases enable safe, viable mRNA-based vaccines and therapeutics. Prima RNApols​​™ are a collection of RNA polymerases that generate superior mRNA according to the key performance indicators required by the pharmaceutical industry, and can significantly impact the treatment and prevention of human diseases.

The use of mRNAs as active ingredients in genetic medicines requires large-scale synthesis of mRNAs in sizes ranging from 2-20kb. Primordial has applied a unique enzyme evolution platform, including proprietary enzyme diversification technologies and ultra-high throughput screening, to create the most efficient RNA polymerases available with an emphasis on long-template applications for unmatched performance.

Prima RNApols™ Versus T7 Standard

Higher Yield

  • Up to 4x higher efficiency
  • Higher yield for long templates, enabling new drugs

Higher mRNA Integrity

  • Higher integrity of target mRNA
  • Increased mRNA quality and purity
  • Stabilization of long mRNAs at low reaction temperature

Higher Purity

  • 10-20x reduction in dsRNA levels
  • Reduction in other undesirable side products (truncated mRNAs, late-migrating species)
  • Safer drugs

Truly Enabling

  • Higher IVT yield and purity translates to lower cost to manufacture
  • Drug candidates previously deemed non-manufacturable are now viable

Superior Quality

mRNA-based therapy developments enabled the recent regulatory approval of mRNA vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 prevention. Widespread use of mRNAs for other indications is challenged by the difficulty of manufacturing high-quality mRNAs at large scale. The industry standard T7 RNA polymerase, used to synthesize mRNA from a DNA template in vitro, is inefficient and generates unwanted double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) byproducts that can trigger adverse immune responses. Primordial Genetics’ Prima RNApols™ overcome these obstacles by enabling production of mRNAs with higher yields, higher purity of target RNAs and significantly lower dsRNA levels.

Performance Indicators

Partner with Primordial

Trusted by leading pharma partners, including multiple collaborations with mRNA therapeutic companies for co-development and commercialization.

Six-year track record developing improved single-subunit RNA polymerases for mRNA manufacturing.

We are an experienced, focused and highly efficient team on a mission to impact the treatment, prevention, and diagnosis of human diseases.

Supported by SBIR grants from the National Institutes of Health.

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