Primordial Genetics launches FOMO-21 high-solubility E. coli. protein expression strain

By January 11, 2016April 30th, 2021No Comments

Primordial Genetics has launched FOMO-21, its first bacterial protein expression product enabling soluble expression of insoluble proteins in E. coli.

Bacterial hosts are the systems of choice for expression of many proteins, and generally allow rapid, flexible and inexpensive protein production. However, protein insolubility can be a major obstacle to the use of bacterial production organisms. Many target proteins precipitate into so-called ‘inclusion bodies’, requiring expensive denaturation and refolding steps, or necessitating the use of more expensive production hosts.

FOMO-21, engineered using the company’s Function Generator™ genetic platform technology, provides an advanced option for bacterial protein expression, and allows soluble or partially soluble expression of many insoluble target proteins, including human proinsulin. Primordial Genetics is in discussions with various potential partners for evaluation and licensing of FOMO-21 as a bacterial protein expression strain for pharmaceutical and industrial R&D and production uses. For more information about FOMO-21 please see our ‘Products’ page.